Cleanup of short PCR Product

Guy Mersch guymer at
Tue Jun 25 03:37:07 EST 1996

michaelm at (Michael J. McLeish) wrote:
>I have a 90 bp PCR fragment that I would like to clean up, sufficiently for 
>direct sequencing.  Most resins seem to have extremely low efficiency for
>fragments of this size.  Any ideas on how to go about this?
>Michael J. McLeish Ph.D.                 :  Michael_m at
>Department of Medicinal Chemistry
>Victorian College of Pharmacy 
>Monash University
>Parkville VIC 3052

Dear Michael

Amersham LIFE SCIENCE has a new kit: Reagent Pack for use with Sequenase 
PCR Product Sequencing Kit. Product number: US70995

This kit is a new method for preparing the products of PCR for 
sequencing. This method requires no purification or separation steps.
This kit uses two enzymes which effectively remove the excess of dNTP's 
and primers from the PCR mix.

I haven't tried it, yet.

Best Regards

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