Kodak film gone yellow

Rimantas.Plaipa at GF.VU.lt Rimantas.Plaipa at GF.VU.lt
Tue Jun 25 14:16:19 EST 1996

> I have old autoradiographs which have become quite stained with time.
> I wish to use these films in my thesis. Does anyone know how to clean
> these up?
> Ruth.

This problem is quite common in photography. Photos get
yellow if they weren't washed enough after processing due
to tiosulphate left, which slowly turns silver to silver

If your films have stained uniformly, try to use them as
they are. Make photos of them through a blue filter, which
will increase the contrast of yellow images. Even if they
have stained non-uniformly, probably they will appear
much better through the blue filter.

Generally it possible to recover the original image 100 %
by simple chemical processing which converts silver
sulfide back to silver. Drop me a l send youline and I
recipes. Maybe you could find a photoshop which could do
this thing.

The most effective (and chemistry-less)  procedure is to
irradiate the films by neutrons in a nuclear reactor
(which converts silver to radioactive silver isotope) and
then to make autoradiographs of the irradiated originals.
That's of course a bit tricky and expensive, but this
procedure was used to recover some photos from the
previous century (although they hardly had any scientific


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