[Q] ThermoSequenase aging

Phillip SanMiguel pmiguel at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Tue Jun 25 12:40:57 EST 1996

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kofoid at BIOLOGY.UTAH.EDU (Eric Kofoid) wrote:

> I began using Amersham's ThermoSequenase kit in February, and got
> excellent results with double stranded PCR templates. After a couple of
> Before I start the lengthy task of checking each reagent, can anybody
> offer any suggestions? Is this a particularly fragile enzyme? Do the
> termination mixes age unusually fast? Has anybody else noticed a short
> shelf life for this kit?

  We keep our thermosequenase kit at 4 oC.  Seems fine.  The kit suggests
it may be kept at 4 oC for 3 months.  Perhaps repeated freeze-thawing is
is the culprit.  
  thermosequenase is a thermostable polymerase engineered to be more
t7-like -- not the other way around.  So it is quite thermostable.

Phillip SanMiguel

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