enzyme kinetics programs??

Robert Baker hall_lab at tikal.biosci.arizona.edu
Tue Jun 25 01:18:20 EST 1996


I'm starting to do some enzyme kinetics studies and would like
recomendations for computer programs (for either IBM or Mac) for the
analysis of the data.  The program should ideally support at least
nonlinear regression analysis, but any other methods would be nice
(Lineweaver-Burk, Hanes-Woolf, etc).

This may be too much to hope for, but programs that are freeware or low
cost shareware would be preferred.

Any advice you can offer will be appriciated.  Please e-mail responces
directly.  Thanks.

Robert Baker
University of Arizona
hall_lab at tikal.biosci.arizona.edu
rbaker at gas.uug.arizona.edu

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