DNA-Elution from gel

Tim Barnett t.barnett at path.utas.edu.au
Thu Jun 27 11:03:43 EST 1996

> > Hi everybody,
> > I´m searching for a fast and easy way of getting my DNA-fragments (about 
> > 1 kb) out of agarose-gels. At present I cut the bands out and spin the 
> > agarose-block on a Whatman-filter in a Eppendorf-tube. The effeciency is 
> > very poor. Is there anybody with a good technique ???
> > Thanks for helping me, bye.

I use the same technique to isolate DNA from agarose and have had quite a
lot of success with it.  I routinely get yeilds of ~50%.  As far as I can
see, the only thing I am doing differently is freezing the gel slice for
30min at -80C.  I recover the DNA by spinning the slices at 4000rpm for
15min in a microfuge followed by EtOH ppt'n.


Anthony Chan

e-mail address  af_chan at postoffice.utas.edu.au

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