RNA Question

Edouard Lauzier elauzier at fse.ulaval.ca
Wed Jun 26 14:48:12 EST 1996

When I use The Chomczynski and Sacchi method for RNA extraction...

1. The homogenizer will shear DNA,  but why the latter goes to the
interface and/or the organic phase ?  Since it does not shear the RNA, the
"sheared"  DNA must be approximatly the same size.  What affects the DNA
that doesn't affect the RNA  ( Na acetate ?, phenol pH ? ... ) ? 

2.  When they say resuspend the pellet with 75% ethanol do they mean
vortex,  just a little shake, good wash etc ?  Is it a critical step and
why ?

Sorry again for all those basic questions but help is badly needed...

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