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Intensifying screens SHOULD work with BOTH 32P and with 35S, shouldn't 
they?  It's the B-rays that are emitted by both types of particles that 
are probably the ones in question, as stated below.  It's just that 
with 32P gels, you don't notice the difference if they're screaming 

By the way, thanks for the info on WHY they work only at -70C!  It was 

STOn Wed, 19 Jun 1996, Pamela Norton wrote:

> In article <4q8a8u$caa at>, (Dave Johnston) <daj at> wrote:
> > Robyn, as I understand it:
> > 
> > (1) screen will have no effect with P32, they are designed for weak 
> > emittors like 35S -if a P32 emission gets past the X ray film without 
> ...
> > (2) for 35S, the weak emission is trapped on the screen and excites an 
> > electron. As the electron drops down again, you get a photon released 
> > which will affect the film. HOWEVER, you need 2 photons to change a 
> > "silver grain" on the film, the first mearly "excites" it, and if the 
> > second photon is not received within a certain time, the excited state is 
> > lo 
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