IMPORTANT - news server problems at

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at
Wed Jun 26 14:04:29 EST 1996

Something has cropped up in the last couple of days that has been
killing our news server software sporadically.  We are trying to
resolve this problem and get news distribution restored to normal.
Our apologies for any delays that you might have experienced recently.

We have also received and are configuring our new hardware from Sun
Microsystems (Thank you Sun!!)

Once we switch over to this machine and finally put to rest our aging
four-processor Solbourne (a Sun clone that we've been running since
1989), we will have a lot more firepower available to handle not only
news/mail distribution but, more importantly, archive searching at our
Web site  We will be reindexing everything as the
size of our archives has caused our version of freeWAIS to start
dumping some important commonly used terms from the indexes.  Thanks
to some assistance from Don Gilbert at Indiana U., we should get this
issue fixed when we move to the new hardware.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

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