RNA Extraction... ( Still )

Edouard Lauzier elauzier at fse.ulaval.ca
Wed Jun 26 11:21:16 EST 1996

I was wondering if the pH of the phenol can affect the efficienty of the
phenol/chloroform extraction...

I'm still stuck with low 260/280 ratio and was wondering if a lower pH
value for the phenol could interfere with the RNA and/or the quality of
the extraction, leading to impurities...

I measured betwwen 6.0 and 6.5 for the phenol when it should have been
7.6   I think...

Then again, can I trust a pH measure where pH paper is wet with a drop of
phenol who's so strong...

Thanks for anything that could be related  near or far ...
Edouard Lauzier, B.Sc.                           elauzier at fse.ulaval.ca
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