Chromosomal localisation

Wed Jun 26 07:27:46 EST 1996

I'm attempting to chromosomally locate a gene of interest using 
metaphase spreads and flourescent in situ hybridisation conditions 
that have so far worked for a control which is a centromeric probe 
for chromosome 1. The problem is that my probe consists merely of the 
gene sequence ie,2Kb of sequence. This is very small when one 
considers that most of the localisation work involves the use of 
bacs, yacs, cosmids and P1 plasmids. I would be very interested to 
hear of any protocol or experience that those of you have had with 
such small probes or of an alternative route that I can follow 
considering that I don't have the aforementioned tools available to 
me. Any suggestions greatly appreciated to-docon at

David O'Connell,
NAVBC,University College Dublin,
Dublin 4, Ireland.

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