Wide tape to cover 96-well plates.

D. KIM dkim at nmsu.edu
Tue Jun 25 12:21:16 EST 1996

OK, here's another.

Sometimes, you need to cover a 96-well plate with a wide sheet of tape 
(for instance, you might be doing hundreds of R.E. digests from 
microplate minipreps:)).  The tape, from Ranin and their ilk, costs a 

I was recently at my dentist's office (Brian Gilbert, Las Cruces, NM:  A 
great dentist!).  His staff has some blue tape stuff that they use to 
wrap surfaces in the exam rooms.  this tape has a mild adhesive that 
allows surfaces like doorknobs or light switches to be covered.  In this 
way, surfaces can be stripped for decontamination between patients.

Well, this tape would be ideal for covering easily-contaminated surfaces 
in a radioactive laboratory.  It's also cut to a size that is convenient 
for covering a 96-well plate.  It is adherent even after storage at -20 C 
or an incubation at 65 C, and does not appear to interfere with 
restriction digestions.

Ask your dentist for a sample, if he/she uses it.  Alternatively, call 
your dentist's supplier and ask for "Allrap" .  A roll of 1200 sheets of 
Allrap costs about $16.95 from Darby Dental Supply.  (800)448-7323.

Dental supply catalogs also have useful items such as a "saliva ejector" 
(I'm still working on a lab use for this item) and X-ray labelling tape 
(the stuff you write on to get a negative image of your writing).  This 
is $16.50 for 25 feet of tape.  How does that compare to the stuff you 
order from VWR etc?

Daniel Kim

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