Kodak film gone yellow

Raymond Dalgleish ray at le.ac.uk
Thu Jun 27 05:17:45 EST 1996

RUTH MCMAHON <RMCMAHON at ollamh.ucd.ie> wrote:
>I have old autoradiographs which have become quite stained with time.
>I wish to use these films in my thesis. Does anyone know how to clean
>these up?

I suppose that it's wise after the event, but it sounds as though you did not wash
the film for long enough to wash out all of the fixer. The yellow staining is probably
fixer stains. The real question is whether they need to be cleaned up. If photgraphed
onto black and white film or copied directly onto X-ray dup film the yellow stains will
largely disappear. I guess that it's a question of the degree of staining though.

Your local photo shop may be able to suggest a cure that you could try out on a non-
precious autorad.

Raymond Dalgleish

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