Lactose instead of IPTG

Martin Rink MJR22727 at
Fri Jun 28 08:45:07 EST 1996

fthornton at (Fiona Thornton) wrote:
>I have noticed from the newsgroups recently that some people use lactose
>instead of IPTG as an inducer of expression. I would like to try this out
>with my pRSET vector. Can anyone out here tell me if this is advisable and
>if so what kind of concentration of lactose to use for induction.

You may want to check out the very recent review article from RS Donovan, CW 
Robinson, and BR Glick, Review: Optimizing inducer and culture conditions for 
expression of foreign proteins under control of the lac promoter, Journal of 
Industrial Microbiology(1996), 16 145-154.

Good luck,
Martin Rink

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