weird RNA pattern

Martin Goodson bapn4 at
Fri Jun 28 11:07:14 EST 1996

Wong Yong Wee (zoowyw at wrote:
: We know that total RNA of eukaryotes will give us two distinct bands for
: 28S and 18S RNA on the denaturing gel. However my invertebrate RNA samples
: from mussel and shrimp, show one thick band at 18S and a very faint band
: at 28S (ratio about 10:1) which is different from the mouse's and
: zebrafish's RNA (ratio 1:2) run together as control. I don't think that
: this is due to degradation. Does anybody know what is going on ? 

: Wong Yong Wee  
I have no reference for this but invertebrates have a different banding
pattern to other eukaryotes with a thicker 18S band. I had the same
worry the other way round when i first isolated some RNA from plants
while working in a lab full of invertebrate molecular biologist.

martin g

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