SNAKE15086 snake15086 at aol.com
Sat Jun 29 09:39:45 EST 1996

(NYU Medical Center, Department of Molecular Biology)

I recently got a free sample of RNase-OFF from CPG, Inc.  I was a
religious user of RNaseZAP but CPG's competitive data with a "leading
competitor" made me worry that what I was using may not be effective. 
Their data showed RNase-OFF working at decontaminating up to 20 ug of
RNase.  Not believing this, I went ahead and tried to reproduce their
comparison using RNase-OFF versus RNaseZAP (although I'm not sure that
this was the "leading competitor" refered to in their literature).  I did
an RNase titration, just as in their figure, and much to my amazement,
RNaseZAP didn't even work at decontaminating 5 ug of RNase dried onto the
bottom of a microfuge tube.  However, CPG's product worked even better
than advertised; it decontaminated the high-end of my RNase titration (50

I don't know if they're still giving out free samples, but I would
certainly recommend giving them a call and asking.  I don't know if they
have an 800 number, the only number I have is (201) 305-8181.

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