HELP! VENT/ Taq polymerase

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Wed Jun 26 17:00:55 EST 1996

>I am trying to amplify a 580 bp fragment from a plasmid template. I get good 
>amplification with Taq but when using similar conditions, Vent and Pfu 
>polymerase do not work. There is not even a smear on the gel :-(  Has anyone 
>had similar problems? I certainly would appreciate any help in this regard. 
>Have tried several different annealing temps, Mg++ conc. and even diff. conc. 
>of DMSO in the mix. Thanks,
>Obaid Khan

I've heard tell that if you have inosine residues in your primers, certain 
polymerases (including Vent and Pfu I believe) wont work. No idea why this is 

Thought it might help

John Jones

jjones at

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