Mayumi Yagi myagi at u.washington.edu
Fri Mar 1 12:24:22 EST 1996

I used the Clontech Amplifinder 5' RACE kit, with good results.  I did 
not use polyA+ RNA, just total, with a gene-specific primer.  A couple 
caveats, though.  I had to try a few primers before I found one that gave 
me specific products in the RACE.  Also, some friends also tried using 
another lot of the kit, and it didn't work in their hands, even after 
several tries.  We wondered if the QC was up to par.  Thus, although it 
worked fine for me, I'm a little hesitant to recommend it without 

Good luck,


On 1 Mar 1996, Peta C. Bonham-Smith wrote:

> I need to carry out some 5' RACE to locate the 5' end of a message of 
> interest - do I need Poly A+ RNA for this procedure?  If so what is the 
> recommended procedure these days - I really don't want to go back to 
> oligo-dT columns!!!  Secondly, which kit or procedure could you recommend 
> for the 5' RACE itself?
> Please reply to
> bonhamp at duke.usask.ca
> Thank you
> Peta Bonham-Smith
> Department of Biology
> University of Saskatchewan
> Saskatoon
> Canada

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