Amersham Hybond N problem

Alexander Kraev kraev at
Fri Mar 1 09:58:31 EST 1996

 >Who can help me to find out, which company produces the uncharged 
        formerly sold by Amersham as Hybond N ?
        The problem is , they are now selling a new membrane, calling it 
Hybond N as
        well, but it is very different. However, since we have the new 
Hybond N all
        we get is black autoradiographs ( we are using the Dig-system) The 
                membrane is very thick and stiff, it doesn't look like 
        at all, and it is produced by another manufacturer. Since I would 
like to go
        on with my work without too much delay and the Amersham people did 
not want
        to tell me their former supplier, maybe someone here knows 

Check with the company GATC ( e-mail GATC at They are
(still) selling a membrane for direct blotting electrophoresis, that is
excellent for both DIG and biotin detection. If you find it expensive, try 
Macherey-Nagel Porablot NY Amp ( tel.02421 9690 in Germany).

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