Sfi 1 enzyme

Jeff 'Newt' Sekelsky fznewt at peseta.ucdavis.edu
Sat Mar 2 12:18:57 EST 1996

On 1 Mar 1996, tera wrote:

> Has anyone had difficulties ligating PCR products following Sfi1 
> digestion?  We are using Geneclean to gel purify PCR products following 
> digestion with various restriction enzymes.  All products seem to ligate 
> efficiently with the exception of those cut with Sfi1.
Are you sure the ends are comaptible?  The SfiI recognition sequence is:

  5'    G G C C N N N N N G G C C   3'
        C C G G N N N N N C C G G 

If the ends you're trying to ligate are indeed compatible, then I'm not 
much help to you.


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