Amersham Hybond N problem

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In article <schulzb.8.003FC787 at>, schulzb at (BRITTA SCHULZ) writes:
> 	Who can help me to find out, which company produces the uncharged membrane
> 	formerly sold by Amersham as Hybond N ?
> 	The problem is , they are now selling a new membrane, calling it Hybond N as 
> 	well, but it is very different. However, since we have the new Hybond N all 
> 	we get is black autoradiographs ( we are using the Dig-system) The new 
>                 membrane is very thick and stiff, it doesn't look like nylon 
> 	at all, and it is produced by another manufacturer. Since I would like to go 
> 	on with my work without too much delay and the Amersham people did not want 
> 	to tell me their former supplier, maybe someone here knows something.
> 	Thank you very much in advance
> 					Britta

     I just recieved something from MSI (
saying that Amersham had replaced its supplier and implied that that
its MAGNA membrane would give the same results as the the old Amersham
Hybond-N membranes.  But MSI has changed its manufacturing protocol
recently, and several netters noted problems with this switch.  It
changed its protocols due to a patent infringement lawsuit by Pall
corp, so pall may be the best source of a replacement since they
probably supplied Amersham and use the old protocol for manufacture. 
It was also posted on this newsgroup recently that they were a favored

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