Transfection of proteins into cells: HOW?

Stefan Kahlert UZS13B at
Mon Mar 4 10:41:13 EST 1996

I want to block proteins in cells with specific antibodies,
and I'm looking for possible methods to get this antibodies
into these cells.
- microinjection is not possible because I work with suspension cells
  (hard to catch and even harder to find the injected ones to check
  the result)
- electroporation is *not* the way to (please don't ask why. The story
  is to long to be told here I think).
What other methods are possible to get antibodies or other proteins into
suspension cells?
Thanks in advance
Stefan Kahlert, Medizinische Universitaets-Poliklinik Bonn
UZS13B at or UZS13B at dbnrhrz1.bitnet

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