Plasmid Drawing Programs - where to find...

R. Scott Jokerst scott_jokerst at
Mon Mar 4 12:38:58 EST 1996

Hello Alison,

In response to your question, I searched Biological Data Transport's
information resources for:

        plasmid OR restriction OR mapping

Among the other links returned was one for DNASTAR's LASERGENE software,
which you can download to try out and see if it meets your needs.

TransportLinks Matches:

       Computer Software
              LASERGENE DNA & Protein Sequence Analysis Software by
              DNASTAR Inc. Download & Testdrive Software! Visit
              LASERGENE's Software Library

If you visit BDT's web site at and reissue
the query, or simply look up DNASTAR directly, you'll be given this
hyperlink which will take you directly to the information you are looking
for.  It's a snap.

Hope this helps,


In article <4h4o49$g3d at>, Your EMail address
>I am looking to buy a plasmid drawing programme for use on a PC, something
>that will take a list of features and their location and produce a nice
>map.  I would like to know what programmes are available and any advice
>or opinions as to which might be the best option.
>Many thanks
>Alison Harvey

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