Want: Simple sequencing gel reader

Bob Litt r-litt at uchicago.edu
Tue Mar 5 16:28:22 EST 1996

I want to locate a simple sequencing gel reader I once saw advertised in a
magazine.  It is a small device with a small window and 4 buttons.  You
can view your sequencing gel through the window over a light box, and the
device plugs into a computer.  As you read the gel, you can depress the
buttons to enter the sequence to the computer.  It seemed like a nifty,
simple solution to a tedious chore.  Has anyone ever seen, or used such a
device?  Thanks in advance.

Bob Litt

Bob Litt
r-litt at uchicago.edu
Molecular Gentics and Cell Biology
University of Chicago
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