Anyone have indepth info on annealing temps and unzipping temp or equation for PCR components?

Eitan Rubin bcrubin at
Tue Mar 5 03:31:18 EST 1996

You can try Wu, (1991) DNA Cell Biol 10(3):233-238, "The effect of
temperature and oligonucleotide primer length on the specificity and
efficiency of amplification by the polymerase chain reaction". This is an
oldy, an a good example of how little work has been done on the subject.
It comes to some false predictions, but may have some value if your
primers are in the right range etc.

A more updated work is Rychlik, W. (1995) Biotechniques 18(1):84-90,
"Priming Efficiency in PCR"

  I am interested in discussing such metters, and consider orgenizing a
(virtual) workshop in BioMOO. Will you be interested in participating? It
would be free of charge, and would only require telnet access and possibly
a www browser.
  Please EMail me for more details.

In article <4hakm7$nql at>, mannv at (JCM) wrote:

> I am hoping someone will have info on annealing temp calculations for oligo 
> primers and unzipping temps or equation for calculating time temp
happenings in 
> DNA used in PCR and info on Taq. I have not been able to find any indepth 
> research on the topic. Indepth meaning equations or time-temp. relationship 
> info. Any help would be appreciated.

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