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Phil Davey pd at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 6 06:13:30 EST 1996

In article 0503961536480001 at drugs-mac10.bsd.uchicago.edu, r-litt at uchicago.edu (Bob Litt) writes:
>I want to locate a simple sequencing gel reader I once saw advertised in a
>magazine.  It is a small device with a small window and 4 buttons.  You
>can view your sequencing gel through the window over a light box, and the
>device plugs into a computer.  As you read the gel, you can depress the
>buttons to enter the sequence to the computer.  It seemed like a nifty,
>simple solution to a tedious chore.  Has anyone ever seen, or used such a
>device?  Thanks in advance.

I've used one of these (can't remember what it was called or where it was from

My personal view is that it isn't any faster or easier to use. It does depend 
on what you are used to though. When I was reading autorads, I used a program 
on a PC called Seqaid, which lets you use 0,1,2,3 on the PCs keypad as A,C,G,T.
With a bit of practice you can type away with one hand (without having to look
at the screen) and use the other hand to help read the autorad.
The program also allowed you to type in the sequence twice and then compares the
two reads allowing you to change anything which doesn't agree.

This was the fastest way I ever found to read sequence gels.
(although now I use a Li-Cor sequencer which you can just leave to read the 
sequence by itself).

Hope this helps,
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