Membrane properties

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Wed Mar 6 10:52:15 EST 1996

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>Hi Netters.
>These are my questions: Are PVDF membranes exclusively used for protein 
>immunoblots and microsequencing or can they be used also for nucleic 
>acid blotting? What are the differences regarding blot applications 
>between NC, nylon and PVDF and what is the consensus for their use?
>I will appreciate all your answers. TIA

In my experience PVDF works well for Southern blots.  I have used it
in a cappillary transfer (using either 10X SSC or 0.4M NaOH). The 
DNA was fixed by either UV crosslinking or baking (1 hr, 80C). The
results with both 32P and chemiluminescence(luminol) were equivalent
to uncharged nylon (e.g. GeneScreen).

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