anti-HA cross reaction?

Allison Haggarty ar229 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Wed Mar 6 13:28:55 EST 1996

I have recently been transfecting a HA-tagged construct into Cos7 cells
and looking for expression via immunofluorescence and an anti-HA MAb
(12CA5).  When I do the transfections using DEAE dextran I get an
unexpected reaction in both mock transfected and tagged-construct
transfected cells.  I see "rings" of staining in the cytoplasm - makes me
think of vacuoles of some kind.  This reaction is specific for the DEAE
dextran method since I don't see it when electroporating.  It is specific
for the anti-HA MAb since I don't see it with another Ab against the
untagged region of my protein.  Any ideas?

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                          mdah at

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