Leaky Mini-ProteanII unit.

Paul N Hengen pnh at cockleberry.ncifcrf.gov
Thu Mar 7 17:21:39 EST 1996

John J Weiland (jweiland at badlands.NoDak.edu) wrote:

: Just a question about the leakyness of this unit.  I've followed the 
: instructions about not filling the reservoir up too high to ensure that 
: capillary siphoning is avoided, but I'm still getting more leaking now 
: than on a previous Mini-ProteanII unit.  Are the gaskets different than 
: what they were 8 years ago?  Will putting some molten agarose along the 
: spacers help reduce the problem?  Amy other ideas?  Thanks!
: John

I've always had problems with these units. They seem to have gaps in
various places. One solution is to put a little vaseline on the corners
of the glass plates. Another is to put agarose along the top...and
finally my favorite solution is to buy a different unit because all
these add complications I don't need and make it very messy to clean up.

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