Wizard maxipreps

Surgical Residence surglab1 at is.rvh.mcgill.ca
Thu Mar 7 14:01:33 EST 1996

Never had a problem with the maxiprep for islating plasmid DNA- at
what point do you add the EtOH and how thorough are you in drying?

Lely Chow <lelyc at u.washington.edu> wrote:


>Has anyone out there experienced EtOH contamination in their Wizard 
>maxipreps, even with the recent changes to the protocol??  I am having a 
>problem cutting my DNA (ie.  it doesn't cut!), and though my DNA ratios 
>are very good, it seems as if my prep has a slight smell of EtOH and also 
>thaws extremely quickly.

>Any comments would be appreciated.


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