rodent DNA and/or brains

Juergen Brosius at
Thu Mar 7 08:54:51 EST 1996

We would like to continue evolutionary studies on neuronal small 
cytoplasmic BC1 RNA in rodents.  The RNA is present only in rodents.  
Thus far we have sequences from rat, mouse, chinese hamster, guinea pig 
and P. Deininger just looked at squirrel, gerbil and deermouse.  With 
these sequences we cannot discriminate yet between several possible 
secondary structure models.  We would appreciate DNA samples or brain 
cortex for RNA isolation and/or info where to get them for the following 
species:  Aplodontia rufa, Myocastor coypus, Cenodactylus gundi or C. 
vali, Arvicola terrestris, Castor Canadensis, Heterocephalus glaber, 
Hystrix cristata or H. leucura or H. indica, Erethizon dorsatum, 
Chinchilla laniger, Octodon degus, Thryonomuys swinderianus, Pedetes 
capensis, Geomys bursarius, Anomalurus peli, Muscadrinus avellanarius, 
Graphiurus murinus, Eliomys quercinus, Ctenomys boliviensis, Jaculus.
Of course other species of a given genus would be welcome too.  We d  
also be happy for suggestions to cober all branches of rodentia. Thanks 
in advance.
Juergen Brosius
University of Muenster
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