Opinion poll: Clonetech Matchmaker libraries

Lee Vogel vogel at sb-roscoff.fr
Thu Mar 7 07:56:00 EST 1996

Dear netters everwhere,

I am using a version of the two-hybrid screen that has been begged,
borrowed and stolen from around the world. Now I find myself in need of a
library or two for some controls. However, upon perusing the Net I find a
neatly split decision on the quality of Clonetech Matchmaker libraries,
some saying they work fine, other saying they are rubbish (to put it
mildly). To make a firm decision on whether or not to spend the money, I
need some more votes. Have you used with satisfaction a Clonetech
Matchmaker library; Yes or NO ? If the answer is Yes, which one (order
number) ?

Cast your votes early to avoid the rush!!!

Lee Vogel

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