Clone fingerprinting

Andy Phillips andy.phillips at
Fri Mar 8 18:29:14 EST 1996

Mr. A.R.J. Curtis wrote:
> I am cloning PCR products (100-600bp), checking for expected insert size
> but have reason to suspect clones may be heterogeneous. I would like to
> fingerprint a number of clones to uncover this variation.
> [stuff deleted] 
> Can anyone offer a simple solution?
> Thanks
> Andy Curtis

We often screen our mixed PCR products by cloning and restriction digest to 
identify clones of the right length followed by "T-tracking" - running sequencing 
gels of with just one base (traditionally a T track as back in the old days this 
gave a distinctive run of bands with M13mp7). This works best when the inserts 
are directionally cloned, or you can use one of the PCR primers used to generate 
the clones.

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