Sequencing Gel Rigs for SSCP

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>I'm trying to source a sequencing length gel rig (i.e. 36cm long or 
>longer) for SSCP work.  Rather than run one in a cold room,  I would like 
>one that has built-in cooling.  So far the only one I've seen is the 
>Pharmacia system,  which is good,  but pricey.  Does anyone know of any 

Hoefer/Pharmacia also has the SE660 and SE620  which are long protein type
gel units, fully cooled on both sides of the sandwiches.  They run one or two
gels at a time, are 24 inches and 32 inches.   A recent paper by someone at
NIH has used these with thinner spacers for SSCP.  Prices are a little over
$1000.   With this unit you could also change the lower buffer chamber to run
shorter gels for DGGE, proteins, and vertical agarose.
You can probably get a demo of this unit, and the local Hoefer Pharmacia rep
should lhave reprints of relevant papers.

I used to work at Hoefer, but have no commercial ties.  I do own 50 shares of
Pharmacia, however!

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