Transfection of proteins into cells: HOW?

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Fri Mar 8 13:58:20 EST 1996

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->>>I want to block proteins in cells with specific antibodies,
->>>and I'm looking for possible methods to get this antibodies
->>>into these cells.
->>>- microinjection is not possible because I work with suspension cells
->>>  (hard to catch and even harder to find the injected ones to check
->>>  the result)
->>>- electroporation is *not* the way to (please don't ask why. The story
->>>  is to long to be told here I think).
->>>What other methods are possible to get antibodies or other proteins into
->>>suspension cells?
->>>Thanks in advance
->>Have you thought about liposomes?
->Hmm... I should have asked more directly.
->I can *imagine* a lot of posibble methods to get the antibodies
->in to my suspended cells. What I need is something like
->a protocol, because I am afraid establishing a method on my own
->would be like inventing the wheel for the second time.

Hmm... I'm afraid your are talking about reinventing the wheel that
has never been invented. There are NO established protocols for that
that would guarantee a success. In any case you'll need to tweak the 
system to your specific protein/cells/other conditions. 

And personally I believe elctroporation (if designed thoughtfully) is
the easiest way to accomplish this. Of course, you'll need plenty of 
the protein to be introduced...

- Dima

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