RNAzolB...Still Available?

Eric C. Anderson e-anderson at ski.mskcc.org
Sat Mar 9 17:19:15 EST 1996

I heard a rumor that RNAzolB was no longer being manufactured by Tel-Test
Labs of Friendlywood, TX any longer.  So i tried to call them a few times
this week and got no answer on either their local line or their 800
number.  Does anyone know if they still make it (how about Biotecx Labs
who used to make it as well)?  Or does anyone know of another manufacturer
that makes a similar product (in price as well) besides the TRI reagent
from Gibco/BRL?  The TRI reagent is $60 more per 200ml bottle than the
RNAzol is/was and since we're isolating RNA on an almost daily basis it
would be nice not to have to spend the extra money.

thanks for any help and info.


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