low recovery with PromegaPolyATtract kit ?

Marc Lamphier lamphier at po.infosphere.or.jp
Sun Mar 10 10:12:30 EST 1996

In article <AD64FA5496681CF4E at pl-chiba042.infosphere.or.jp>,
tishizuk at po.infosphere.or.jp (Toshiharu Ishizuka) wrote:

> Dear bioneters
> We used Promega PolyATtract mRNA isolation system III. However, we could
> not recover only 400 nanogram mRNA from 200 microgram total RNA from liver.
> We performed the process following the manual. We used the oligotex latex
> before this Promegas kit, and recover about 10 microgram mRNA from 200
> microgram total RNA. Does anybody have the same experience ? I will greatly
> appreciate it if anybody teach me the tips to use this kit.
> Sincerely yours,

I have also repeatedly experienced low yields of mRNA from a cultured cell
line using the PolyATract system. I eventually switched to Invitrogen's
Fast Track system and got  4-5 X higher yields. 

-Marc Lamphier
University of Tokyo

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