Large scale low melt extraction

Mike Holbrook holbrook at
Mon Mar 11 11:44:49 EST 1996

Does anyone have a suggestion for extraction >=300 ug of DNA from a 
lowmelt agarase gel?  We generally have a large slice of agarose which 
is difficult to dissolve (2+ hrs at 65 C). We have tried the Maniatis 
version for the extraction and a couple of variations thereof with 
limited success.  We get a low yield and use a lot of phenol and spend a 
lot of time.  I have considered Qiaex beads but am concerned about the 
amount of beads and solutions required for this much DNA (we also will 
be doing this frequently so $$ is a consideration as well).  If you have 
any ideas please let me know.  Thanks in advance.


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