SDS PAGE buffers cost saving

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Mon Mar 11 09:35:24 EST 1996

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>An unrelated comment on SDS-PAGE:  We are constantly out to save money.
>Since the lower
>electrode buffer is simply for electrical contact with the gel, we use a
>cheaper buffer in it,
Simply make up Tris pH 8.8 at about 50 mM, leave out the glycine and SDS.
 Saves a few dollars
and is much easier to make up gallons of the stuff (no foaming etc).

In the Hoefer and Bio-Rad units, the lower buffer is usually several time
larger in volume than in the upper buffer.  Hoefer suggested that you reuse
the lower buffer several times, but replace the upper.     Some users have
also reduced the concentration--note that this affects the conductivity, so
if you use this, use it all the time for consistent runs.

Walt Schick

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