Leaky Mini-ProteanII unit.

Riekeltje Koedood rkoedood at bio.bu.edu
Tue Mar 12 12:13:55 EST 1996

mdpjr at cc.newcastle.edu.au wrote:
: We've had the same problem with at least 6 different units.  None have ever failed to leak.  We
: 'solved' it simply by filling the lower buffer almost to capacity, so that it was the same level
: (almost) as the upper electrode buffer.  We simply ignore the 'capillary siphoning' effect you
: describe.  Our gels run fine.  Never bothered to complain to BioRad any further.

We do the same - some units leak, some don't. I prefer the non-leaking ones,
saves on buffer and easier to see the slots for loading. However, if they
leak, we just fill up the lower buffer. Gels run fine.


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