Sources of baculovirus expression systems

Tue Mar 12 12:01:17 EST 1996

I've had very good luck with the Baculogold system from Pharmingen.  I have
never gotten a wild-type virus using their viral DNA, and even though I purify
the virus by limiting dilution on a 96-well dish, I have yet to see a virus
without the insert (they claim 99% have insert).  I use my own solutions for
the CaPO4 transfection, but they also sell a kit, which means if it doesn't
work, you can bug them for more.  I use plasmid DNA prepared by the method
in the Sambrook book, page 1.40 (precipitation with PEG) or by CsCl2, however,
I've also seen it work with Qiagen purified plasmid.
I haven't try the GIBCO bac to bac system yet, so I can't compare the two.
Hope this is some help.
Ron Magnusson

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