Store DNA concentrated or dilute?

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> Bernard Murray (bernard at wrote:
> : A long time transfecter in our lab maintains that storing plasmids
> : at too high a concentration (eg. much more than 1 g/l) leads to
> : concatamer formation which reduces transfection efficiency.
> How do concatamers form in purified cccDNA???? I can see how a batch of
> restriction digested vector DNA which is frozen and thawed can give you
> transformants with concatamers, but with cccDNA it doesn't make sense.

Exactly, and in addition, 1 migrogram per microliter is not really a
concentrated solution of DNA.  I have been storing plasmids frozen at 2 to
5 ug/ul for years and never had any problems with restriction digests,
isolating inserts, or transfecting the plasmids into bugs or eukaryotic
cells.  I haven't tried to sequence DNA that has been stored for a long
time like this, but I suspect that it would sequence.


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