Protocol for Re-using of Qiagen tips

Mads Noerregaard-Madsen mnm at BIOBASE.DK
Tue Mar 12 09:08:12 EST 1996

We routinely re-use our Qiagen tips. Just wash the tips with 2-3 volumes
5M NH(4)Ac, pH 9.5, then 3 volumes water and finally 2-3 volumes 96%
EtOH. Then place a paper towel on top of the tip and blow out residual
EtOH using pressured air (not necessary with miniprep columns), place
the tip at 42 degrees ON. The tips can be regenerated app. 5x.

The columns seems completely clean after the regeneration - at least
I've never had any problems with carrying over DNA from one prep to 

Mads Norregaard-Madsen, mnm at 
Department of Molecular Biology
Odense University

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