Store DNA concentrated or dilute?

Margon Vandongen vando006 at
Mon Mar 11 10:47:58 EST 1996


We were just talking about this in our lab. I guess it is anecdotal
more than anything else. When we dilute DNA to check concentrations
on a gel (from a known DNA concentration) after a few days storage at
4 degrees we see the incorporation of ethidium bromide go down as 
compared with a newly diluted sample. We also had this happening with
transformations, the efficiencies go down over time with the same 
diluted sample. So I guess we kind of thought this might have to do with
how supercoiled the plasmid was.
As for the tranfections, I do these on a regular basis also and I always
thought it depends on the amount of DNA versus your transfection reagent
and the confluency of the cells. Are you transfecting linear DNA? (I do
not understand the concatamer formation).


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