Agarose and preparative gels...

Tue Mar 12 17:21:34 EST 1996

Our lab is trying to compare the prices of agarose from different 
vendors. While we have found BRL to be the cheapest source, the grade we 
are looking at has a sulphate content of 0.35% or less (against the 
comparable grades from Sigma (0.15%) and BioRad (0.1%)). Does anybody 
know if the higher sulphate (albeit negligible) in BRL's agarose may pose 
any problem with DNA prepared off this agarose. We are presently using 
Sigma's and have not had any difficulties with it. I would like to hear 
from somebody who uses BRL's low eeo agarose.

Thank you, Hiranya.

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   			  Plant Genetic Engineering Lab.
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