Mercaptoethanol Shadows

xzheng at GAMMA.IS.TCU.EDU xzheng at GAMMA.IS.TCU.EDU
Tue Mar 12 23:36:57 EST 1996

we have been having this problem for a long time. Initially we thought it 
was due to some protein contamination in the Fairbank, then I read an 
article (sorry I can not remember which one) saying it is due to BME. we 
don't know how to solve the problem, but would be glad to hear form other 
Xu Zheng
chemistry dept.
Texas Christian Univ.

On Tue, 12 Mar 1996, Frank Taddeo wrote:

> Has anyone been having problems with shadows (bands) around 58-68 kDa on
> silver stained SDS-PAGE when using mercaptoethanol in the sample buffer? 
> I've tried several different grades of mercaptoethanol from several
> different companies and I still get these "bands".  Any suggestions as to
> how to get rid of them would be greatly appreciated.  
> thanks
> Frank
> -- 
> Frank Taddeo  
> Dept. Pathology and Cell Biol.
> Thomas Jefferson Univ., Phila. PA 19107

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