Pyrimidine Dimers

Brett Beitzel brett_beitzel at MSMTP.IDDE.SACI.ORG
Wed Mar 13 16:35:11 EST 1996

Subject:Pyrimidine Dimers                          Date: 3/13/96

Can pyrimidine dimers still anneal to a complimentary DNA strand?  For
example, can a T-T dimer anneal to A-A on a complimentary strand?
In our lab we do a lot of random-primed PCR at low annealing temps, and
therefore we see a lot of primer artifact (primer dimer, trimer, n-mer.)  I
am wondering if I can irradiate my primer to cause pyrimidine dimer formation
(and therefore render it ineffective as a template, reducing primer
artifact,) but still have it prime effectively.

Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated.

Thanks for your time,
Brett Beitzel
brett_beitzel at
Cancer Therapy and Research Center
San Antonio, TX  

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