Primer Design

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Wed Mar 13 05:34:52 EST 1996

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>I have been using Oligo 4.1 for 2 years and I could not be happier 
>with the results I have obtained so far.  It is pricey though, last 
>time I checked it was around $1000, but maybe you can get a site 
>license and share it with other labs (and share the cost).  Let me 
>know if you wish more info.
>Regards, Edmundo Castro
>PS:  I have http addresses for places that have shareware for primer 
>design if you are interested in testing it.

I'd be interested in these web sites for shareware primer design 
packages. I manually pick my primers and have just realised upon 
sequencing my fragment that it is not what I thought it was so it's back 
to the drawing board!

Kind regards

Jonathan Shillingford
jms93 at

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