Distinct bands in restriction dig. of genomic DNA

Graham Dellaire popa0206 at PO-Box.McGill.CA
Thu Mar 14 08:44:34 EST 1996

>   "Markku.M Jeltsch" <jeltsch at csc.fi> writes:
>  Occasionally when I digest genomic DNA (e.g. tail DNA from 
>  transgenic mice) I observe a distinct band in the pattern that looks 
>  otherwise completely digested. Does anyone know what is the reason of
>  this? 
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>  Markku Michael Jeltsch           MOLECULAR/CANCER BIOLOGY LABORATORY


the going hypothesis is that this is repetitive DNA in the genome and hence you get enough DNA cut of the same length 
that you have specific bands on your gel.  It makes sense...most rare cutters (restriction enzymes) cut GC rich or purely AT 
rich DNA which are highly represented in different types of repeat elements.... 

hope this helps...

G. Dellaire
McGill University
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