Agarose and preparative gels...

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>Subject: Agarose and preparative gels...
>Date: 12 Mar 1996 14:21:34 -0800
>>Our lab is trying to compare the prices of agarose from different 
>vendors. While we have found BRL to be the cheapest source, the grade we 
>are looking at has a sulphate content of 0.35% or less (against the 
>comparable grades from Sigma (0.15%) and BioRad (0.1%)). Does anybody 
>know if the higher sulphate (albeit negligible) in BRL's agarose may pose 
>any problem with DNA prepared off this agarose. We are presently using 
>Sigma's and have not had any difficulties with it. I would like to hear 
>from somebody who uses BRL's low eeo agarose.

We use the BRL ultrapure agarose routinely and have done so for 3-4 years
We perform the usual gamut of DNA techniques and have suffered no obvious
difficulties. Good luck.

Mike Dalrymple
PPL Therapeutics Ltd

P.S. I do not work for, receive compensation from or own shares in...BRL

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