Inverse PCR

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Thu Mar 14 00:06:06 EST 1996

There is an article in NAR 23(16) 3343, Chevet et al. describing the
use of TMAC in PCR at 60mM concentrations.  They claim it makes AT as
stable as GC, and annealing depends only on length of the oligo.  It
may be worth a try.  Good luck

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In article <4i1mg0$d4n at>, "Helen J. Hathaway, Ph.D." <hhath at> writes:
> Any suggestions? I am doing site-directed mutagenesis through a very 
> GC-rich area. Inverse PCR has worked for some mutations, but with one 
> other, I always get a (6 bp) deletion at the jucntion. In another case, 
> I almost always get wild-type clones, and the ones that are mutated also 
> have a deletion nearby. In the latter case, I have a problem with an 
> incredibly stable primer dimer. I use Vent polymerase, have tried 
> varying Mg, formamide, and DMSO, I have tried hot starts, slow 
> cooldowns, etc. I use relatively high annealing temps (the MP of the 
> primers is 79 - 92 degrees C). Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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